Saturday, 18 May 2013

Ostatu 2011

Ostatu 2011
Grape varieties: Temp, Mazuelo, Graciano, Viura
Geographical Origin: D.O. Rioja
Producer: Ostatu

With this wine, Ostatu have not only produced an excellent Maceración Carbónica, but they’ve also given it a personal twist. The first hint is the grape varieties that have been used: apart from the typical Tempranillo and Viura, Mazuelo and Graciano are present. Both are grapes that possess excellent acidity and are thus more commonly associated with wines that are to be aged.

In this case there’s an explosively perfumed nose along with the expected (but nonetheless delightful) bubble gum, touch of yoghurt and tingly spritz on the tongue. Meanwhile, a delicious fresh cherry bite runs through the fruit. Together with the wine’s deep colour and violet rim, this tells us we’ve encountered the wild beauty of youth.

The Graciano and Mazuelo definitely lend it more acidity and seriousness than is normally expected of a Maceración Carbónica, but I love this Ostatu for its reinvention of the genre. To be lingered over rather than guzzled, it invites food. I’ll be taking up the offer.